UI/UX Design and Development Services

Living in the Micro-moments to Deliver Seamless Experiences

Evoke provides comprehensive UI/UX services to
improve business value and create
compelling brand experiences.

We help your enterprise by creating a custom UI/UX roadmap that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

At Evoke, our matured design team can work with you to understand your business needs and develop intuitive and attractive design solutions. These solutions can not only optimize your end users’ experience but also provide you a distinct competitive edge.

UX Design

We believe in designing experiences for our customers and employees as well. We understand that designing digital or product solutions for human experience cannot be simplistic linear process. The process of UX overlaps and takes loads of back-and-forth to solve the needs of the businesses and their user concerns.


UX/UX Implementation Process

Web Application UX approach

Our UX strategy aligns business with user goals to achieve seamless experiences across multiple touchpoints. We understand/explore the territory and then dwell on the users and their needs/pain points. To create seamless Web Application experiences, we usually consider the following:

  • Designing with accessibility in mind
  • Consistency
  • Clear & concise user-navigation
  • Creating minimalistic interfaces
  • Using visual hierarchy
  • Building feedback mechanism
  • Creating simple forms

Mobile UX Approach

Our Mobile UX strategy focuses on serving spontaneous user desires. We practice user-centered design process and embrace a lean approach to design solutions to simplify complex problems. To create seamless experiences in Mobile, we usually consider the following:

  • Planning for flexibility
  • Aligning experience design with business strategy
  • Learning about competitors
  • Designing finger-friendly tap-targets
  • Providing feedback on interactions
  • Minimizing the need for typing

UI Development Services

Responsive Web Design

Evoke provides responsive design services that enable enterprises to offer optimal end-user experience across all major platforms and devices. Following are the checks that we undertake before releasing our product/website:

  • Development and Design Compatibility
  • Web Simulation
  • Content Orientation
  • Multiple Modes
  • Accessibility Guidelines
  • Performance Measurements

Single Page Applications

Evoke provides single-page application (SPA) development services to provide an optimal end-user experience. Our SPA development services enable enterprises in drastically improving speed, flexibility, and functionality. We have created UI/UX design frameworks and methodologies that address key challenges faced during UI/UX development.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Applications are undeniably faster, reliable, and more engaging than native apps. They offer user experiences that are immersive and offer next level of efficiency. Brands agree that PWAs combine the best of both worlds – web & apps – in developing mobile-first solutions and increasing ROI.

Web Portal Development

We have a proficient team of UI/UX experts capable of providing web portal design and development services to global enterprises. With a strong competency in UI/UX, we have developed multi-dimensional websites and portals, starting with e-commerce, real estate to automobile portals.

  • Business Analysis and Design
  • Strategy and Consultation
  • Portal Setup and Maintenance
  • Portal Design and Integration

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