A Simple Employee Management Application using ReactJS Framework

ReactJS is a JavaScript framework that makes designing advanced and responsive interfaces hassle-free. It is a highly scalable, super-performing framework, built and maintained by the folks at Facebook & Instagram. Further, it provides simple views and associations with each of the state behavior in your application with out-of-the-box developing tools to write code and bring top quality user interfaces to life. Why Choose ReactJS

How to Integrate Angular with Spring Boot RESTful API

Angular web application framework is used by developers to create reactive Single-Page-Applications (SPAs). To give you a background on Single-Page Applications, they’re web applications that load a single HTML page and dynamically update the page in response to user’s interaction. Developers build Angular applications using TypeScript and Angular Command Line Interface (CLI), TypeScript is a popular open source programming language that is developed and maintained

JavaScript Frameworks – AngularJS vs Ext JS

Ext JS and AngularJS are two of the popular HTML5 / JavaScript frameworks for web application development. So how does one decide, which is the best out of these? Or which is an ideal framework for web application development? Is there an evaluation criterion to decide, which is superior? Let’s explore these two JavaScript frameworks and find out the dominant features, compatibility, advantages, disadvantages