Importance of Stakeholders Analysis in Design Thinking

Stakeholder analysis is the first milestone in the process of the UX lifecycle for any product or service. As said that Experience design is not only the responsibility of the UX designer, but it is the teamwork. Stakeholder is also the important key player to achieve the UX goals. The information provided by him/her as very important to inline the direction of the ux

3 Reasons Why Angular is the Future of Building Robust Web Applications

For most conventional websites, entire pages are loaded and reloaded continuously which cause a slowdown, resulting in frustrating user experience and unnecessary strain on the server. Single Page Applications, however, quickly solve this problem by only loading small entities of a webpage at a time. They do it by decreasing the server load and increasing the site speed for better user experience. Developed by

Best Practices for a Clean and Robust Angular Application

This post outlines some of the best practices we can use in our application to support robust and a highly scalable Angular framework. This write-up is related to Angular, Typescript and RxJs. Additionally, the blog discusses some general coding guidelines to make the application cleaner. Let us begin by evaluating the various features available in the Angular application framework. strict:true If you are starting

User Experience Wins Customers – Find Out How

Currently, our interface with the digital realm surpasses human connections. Along with User Experience, UI is a medium through which we communicate with software applications and IT systems. Hence, it is essential to develop a superlative UI, which is user-friendly and offers seamlessly user engagement. Further, a carefully crafted UI design enables users to effortlessly access various features and appreciate the functionality. A good

Effective UI Design Tips for Android Phones and Tablets

Mobile computing is rapidly on the rise, the mobile industry is witnessing a huge demand for mobile devices across geographies. To meet the consumer demand, mobile phone manufacturers are developing android devices that come in screen sizes and display resolutions. It has become quite challenging for mobile application developers to create standard UI designs for mobile phones and tablets due to the wide-ranging variations in their screen size