Digitization: Reimagine the Future of Education

There is a consistent urge for innovation in the education industry, and a fine blend of technology can work wonders. IT solutions for the education industry are one of the critical players in the digital revolution.

Now, learning isn’t limited to books anymore. Websites and online apps are gradually taking over traditional mediums. Educational institutions are looking for customized services that are easy to access from any smart device.

The technical experts at Evoke Technologies deliver a wide-array of solutions that cover industry-led solutions at scale across client success, cloud, enterprise IT, and automation. Harness the power of IT infrastructure and networks for increased innovation and development for teachers and students alike.

Solutions we delivered:

  • Deployed account and contact management to capture basic details.
  • Role-based capability for certain individuals to assign tickets.
  • Create and update tickets in the Salesforce Service Cloud.

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