10 Reasons Why Grails Web Application Framework Rocks

Grails is an extremely popular open source web application framework powered by the Groovy programming language and based on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The software community has given a big thumbs-up to Grails due to its smart features. Some of the world’s best known brands such as Disney, MTV, Netflix, Sky, LinkedIn, Walmart, ESPN etc., have developed their well-known products using Grails, making it as one

Implementing Single Sign-On in SOA

With the rapid rise in RESTful Web Services, it has now become increasingly important for software developers to host each of the business subsystem into its own service. A classic example is an e-commerce website, it can have multiple subsystems i.e. inventory, order management, user management, payments, etc. Advantage of Maintaining a Standalone Service Hosting each of these subsystems within its own service makes

How to Create an Amazing Custom UI in Grails

Many of the budding designers consider User Interface (UI) designing as a major challenge, which requires a lot of their effort. It is slightly complex to create an eye-catching, functional design even for experienced designers having innate knowledge of design principles. So, what’s the alternative? If you explore a bit, you can find several UI toolkits to design amazing UI’s. Most of the designers