Empower Your Business with Evoke-Pega Partnership

As an accredited partner of Pegasystems, we
harness the power of Pega’s low-code platform to
provide rapid and reliable business solutions.

Pega Practice Overview – Our Comprehensive Solutions

Evoke’s Pega experts specialize in translating strategic business objectives into automated workflows, enabling organizations to realize substantial returns. Our extensive Pega capabilities cover the entire spectrum of the Pega product suite. We deliver customized services and solutions, enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency.

We deliver end-to-end digital transformation. Through and through.

We have successfully delivered end to end digital transformation projects, Pega decisioning, Pega RPA/RDA implementations, mobile applications with offline capabilities, customer service solutions, and deliver services across the entire Pega product suite. Our services span across industries including BFSI, Oil and Gas, as well as corporate governance, among others.

Evoke Pega experts can orchestrate workflows using automated bots and AI-enabled smart decision-making, covering everything from RPA to offline applications. Our DevOps and intuitive low-code platforms ensure fast and effortless iOS and Android application deployments on demand.

Industry Verticals

Staying Up-to-Date: Evoke’s Pega Team consistently
maintains over 95% certification or mission badge
attainment on the latest Pega versions.

Our Pega Offerings

Application Development

Our experts develop scalable and reliable applications on Pega platform using the agile development process. From intuitive UI to visual application development tools, we leverage Pega platform to develop customized and future-ready apps.

Architecture Design

Our architecture design provides a software development roadmap and best practices to follow while building applications, so that the output is scalable, adaptable, and capable to meet fast-moving business needs.

Application Support

We keep your business running by offering continuous application monitoring and post-implementation support. We examine ticket trends to identify patterns and provide timely solutions for recurring problems.

Upgrades and CoE Enablement

Our experts analyze risk and cost to provide a strategic approach for all upgrades. Our CoE enables businesses to establish a solid Pega-based methodology that provides quick and top-notch services.

Our Differentiators

Personalized client engagement

Dedicated Squads for Upgrades, Mobility, and QA Automation

Core Centre of Excellence for architecture review and competency development

Staying Up-to-Date: Evoke’s Pega Team consistently
maintains over 95% certification or mission badge
attainment on the latest Pega versions.

Evoke’ Pega COE Specialized Squads

Our team of Pega tech experts excel in resolving complex
bottlenecks spanning performance, architecture, deployments,
and complex module development.

Upgrade Squad
  • Application and system requirements assessment
  • Timelines based on application size, frameworks used, Customizations and third-party components.
  • Technical and Functional Upgrade along with a plan for existing development
Financial Services Squad
  • Leverage Pega’s financial services frameworks to help simply the complex process of the financial services industry.
Mobility Squad
  • iOS/Android apps on the latest Pega versions
  • Office capable aps for Field operators
  • Dedicated UX experts for screen and user experience design
QA Automation Squad
  • Independent Validation Cycle: Manual QA → QA Automation → DevOps → CICT
  • Load/Performance Testing
  • Business activity/Dashboard monitoring

Connect with the Evoke team to explore the latest Pega product capabilities.

  • Discover countless gains in efficiency with Pega Process Mining
  • Boost design scalability with Pega Constellation UI
  • Pega Gen AI Blueprint
  • Accelerate app development with Pega App Studio
  • Enhance customer engagement with the latest Pega CRM features

Connect with us to discover how the latest Pega product features can evolve your business, for the better.

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