YOLO Modeling for “Checkboxes” Detection/Classification

One of the most prominent technologies developed in the last decade has been information extraction. Enterprises are automating various problems using information extraction techniques. Today, businesses are using different solutions for object detection and classification to extract information using Deep learning models or frameworks. Detecting objects in the image/Video is a complex task for computers, unlike humans. Object detection is the identification of a

5 Critical Business Processes to Automate Today

According to McKinsey, 31% of organizations have fully automated at least one operation. Embracing business processes automation brings a heap of benefits to enterprises. In fact, businesses on the fast track to digitalization are breaking ground with RPA. Complex business processes demand automation for time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks. And having fewer cumbersome tasks improves both employees’ and the company’s productivity. So how do automation services deal

How to Deploy Machine Learning Models Using Streamlit

Data science is one of the key trending industry topics at present. Organizations are using data insights to make data-driven decisions for their business operations. Creating data science models is an important step in a Data Scientist’s workflow. There are a few popular frameworks for deploying these models, such as Django and Flask. However, to make the ML model available as a web application,

Stranded With Routine Back-Office Processes? Explore Top Trends & Insights on Hyperautomation

In the last two years, industries witnessed a massive shift in technology trends. The evolving work culture and diverse workforce caused a significant increase in the number of organizations seeking to drive process transformation and improve operational efficiency. However, enterprises are skeptical of technologies that can meet their needs while also providing them with a competitive advantage. If you are looking to implement hyperautomation

Digital Accessibility: Business and Social Innovation

Accessibility is not a feature, is a social trend.” ― Antonio Santos Many people struggle to interact with digital interfaces due to their inability to adapt to something new. When put in simple words, accessibility is an ability to access regardless of any situation or condition. It is the process of designing any product/service considering people with all major disabilities. Accessibility addresses equality as

Reshaping Banking Operations with Automation: Seven Critical Processes to Begin with

The worldwide pandemic has brought about massive turmoil in the global banking industry. Digital banking, on the other hand, has increased by leaps and bounds. This transformation influenced banks to provide the best user experience to their clients. Banks must ramp up their digitization process for better banking and improved ROI. According to Gartner, almost 80% of finance leaders have deployed or plan to

Log4j Vulnerability: Steps to devise an effective mitigation response

You may be aware of the Log4j vulnerability and the significant risk associated with it. What’s even more challenging is coming up with an adequate response. Log4j is widely used since logging is a basic feature of many software. The Log4j vulnerability is highly severe and widespread affecting business applications, embedded devices, and their subsystems. Log4j vulnerability has put many IT enterprises at risk since the attack barrier

Codeless Automation Testing with WORKSOFT Certify: Part 1

“WORKSOFT” is a platform that engages a business expert in a collaborative methodology, as mentioned in the below simple process “Certify” is an integrated test repository and automated test execution solution which supports the business process testing methodology. A combination of business process testing methodology and Certify allows to run the entire product life cycle parallelly and capture it in an organized, measurable, and

Keep the guesswork out of the business agenda. Explore 8 tech trends to stay nimble in 2022.

The efficiency and transformative possibilities of today’s breakthrough technologies are tremendously exciting. For businesses, staying on top of the trends has become critical and a necessity. Business challenges and the subsequent innovations influenced by Covid-19 were quite evident in 2021 and many enterprises have embraced a digital-first approach. Technologies like augmented reality, automation, contactless services, and virtual reality have garnered a lot of traction

Intelligent Automation (IA) strategyguarantees long-term success for enterprises

Organizations from around the world are realizing the significance of Automation in their businesses. Everest Research Group expects RPA adoption to grow at a CAGR of 45-50% over the next two years. Given such an automation significance, can an enterprise automation program help look beyond cost savings and focus more on bolstering operational efficiency and enhancing customer experience? Intelligent Automation is the answer. Enterprises