How to Dockerize Web Application Using Docker Compose

Enhancing the application development process in all its phases—building, scaling, shipping, deploying and running—plays a vital role in today’s competitive IT industry by shortening the time between writing code and running it. Moreover, the methodologies of DevOps and such container virtualization technologies as Docker make adopting microservice architecture style with reduced risk and complexity virtually effortless. It is significantly easier to achieve the state

How to Set Up a Private Docker Registry – With Code

Docker is an emerging open-source container technology that is redefining the constantly shifting IT landscape. Docker enhances the way business enterprises package, deploy and manage their software applications. Globally, enterprises are being influenced by the endless opportunities Docker promises. In addition, large software companies such as Google and Microsoft are exhibiting keen interest in Docker, making it a hot topic of discussion among the

7 Wastes DevOps Eliminates and Helps Software Development Go Lean

When the concept of lean principles of manufacturing is discussed, one cannot avoid mentioning about the 7 wastes (“Muda”), which need to be eliminated to enhance overall customer value at a lower cost and over a shorter lead time. While we at Evoke Technologies have been innovating with DevOps software development, testing, and releasing software for our existing clients and prospects, we discovered that

9 Key Technologies Enabling Digital Business Transformation

With business enterprises showing an inclination towards digital business transformation, CIOs and IT leaders have started identifying opportunities to enable their enterprises to go digital. In order to scale up to a Digital Business, business enterprises will have to fulfill a diverse range of requirements. At Evoke, we have been aiding growing enterprises to transform into digital businesses. With this post, we would like

11 Building Blocks of Continuous Software Delivery Pipeline

The DevOps approach of developing and delivering software in a continuous manner (also known as continuous software delivery) has taken the IT world by storm. It has become a vital asset for IT leaders and CIOs to prioritize key building blocks that are essential to build a successful DevOps practice. At Evoke, we have been rapidly transforming our development, testing, building and deployment processes