What Steve Jobs Didn’t Foresee That Your Java Development Company Knows

The day Steve Jobs didn’t see coming is here. Find out how Java-based apps are driving the Internet of Things (IoT). Not even the greatest technology visionaries can foresee it all. “Nobody uses Java any more.” So said Steve Jobs to the New York Times’ David Pogue in 2007. “Java’s not worth building in… It’s this big heavyweight ball and chain.” What a difference

Why Your Business Must Consider Java Application Development

When your enterprise is developing internal or external applications, it can’t afford to ignore Java, the world’s most popular computer programming language. Since its introduction in 1995, Java has become, arguably, the most popular computer programming language in the world.   Java boasted a 52% market share in 2015. Globally, 9 million developers use Java. Java runs on 7 billion devices worldwide. As of

Dynamic Job Scheduling Using Quartz Scheduler and RRule

Schedulers play a key role of running batch processes in software applications. As a matter of fact Java language supports several key frameworks that assist software developers in dynamic job scheduling. Fulcrum Scheduler, Oddjob Scheduler, JDRing, Quartz Scheduler and J2EE Scheduler are some of the popular job schedulers. Out of all these, Quartz Scheduler is the most widely used job scheduler, as it offers impressive features including dynamic

5 Tips to Improve Security for Java 8 Applications

It’s been a tough journey for Oracle Corporation in addressing cyber security vulnerabilities, Java 8 is out (a new java update, which was rolled out in the beginning of 2014). Securing data exchanges between systems is a huge concern. Public key encryptions are widely used, but they are broken and even at full strength, most forms of encryption are vulnerable to data capture. However, there are still