Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP

Redefine Your Business with Agility and Resilience

We leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP to help enterprises
reflect on their performance and get real-time
insights into their finances and operations.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365

At Evoke, we make enterprises more agile with our detailed project scope, functional design, development, and performance monitoring. Microsoft Dynamics assists in better anticipating business needs, seizing new opportunities, providing real-time information, and combating threats.

With Microsoft ERP solutions (Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, and Business Central), we make businesses work smarter by providing AI-managed insights, connected services, and improved financial reporting.

Service Offerings

Assessment and Consulting

We assist enterprises in business evaluation by analyzing their needs and challenges. We recommend the best strategy for software selection and ERP implementation to achieve operational excellence.

Implementation Services

Our experts design and deploy the required ERP solution to meet your needs. From solution road mapping to proof-of-concept, our approach ensures smooth implementation and desired outcomes.

Migration Services

We provide businesses with a smooth transition from their current software to Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, and Business Central. We evaluate migration strategy based on your needs, budget, and timeframe.

Upgrade Services

We offer complete Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP upgrade services. From identifying the correct upgrade path to securing your data, our experts implement hassle-free upgrades with minimal downtime.

Integration Services

Our experts provide a highly flexible way to integrate Dynamics 365 ERP with back-end systems or any third-party software. We guarantee quick and smooth integration with minimal business disruption.

Support Services

From performance monitoring to operational support, we provide ongoing post-implementation support to keep your business running smoothly.

Solutions We Offer


Financial management and reporting

Appropriate planning and implementation of financials provide detailed insights for making informed financial decisions.


Distribution and Warehousing

We recommend solutions matching the client’s distribution and warehousing needs.


Procurement and sourcing

We fine-tune and customize the purchasing policies and workflows to enable control over all levels of the purchasing process.



We enable efficient planning for any discrete process or lean manufacturing to streamline the manufacturing activities.


Retail and commerce

We help you optimize your product and service sales with omnichannel solutions.


Project management and accounting

We maximize the project profitability by recommending the right approach and plans for your projects from beginning to end.


Planning and scheduling

Our best practices enable clients to create an effective Gantt Chart that helps production planners to control and optimize production plans.


Product information management

Create and define your products at all layers of information, from bill of material and categorization to sales order processing.


Cost management

Get greater control over inventory costing, standard costs, manufacturing costs, and predetermined costs with a flexible system.


Business intelligence and reporting

We help our clients in their business decisions by enabling a holistic view of data with PowerBI that displays data with advanced analytics from multiple data sources.


Organization administration

Dynamics 365 enables easy administration with workflow, case management, organizational hierarchy, etc.


Lifecycle services

Our solution ensures smooth implementations, updates, and upgrades to streamline an entire process.


Expense management

We enable efficient expense management using mobile apps that allow users to enter, scan, and attach expense receipts during submission.


Human capital management (HR)

We optimize human capital management with expert advice on employee information, benefits management, and organizational structure.



We enable the utilization of the Dynamics 365 Mobile app to extend Dynamics Financials’ business functions to employees, vendors, and customers.


Country/Region specific

Capabilities like multi-currency, localization (Tax), electronic reporting, etc., enable an organization to extend its business without modifying its core systems and applications.


Financial management and reporting

Enhances forecasts and provides real-time performance data while promoting compliance and security among subsidiaries.


Sales management

Helps your sales team better serve clients, by establishing best practices and using well-known productivity tools to manage the full sales process from within Microsoft Outlook.


Supply chain management

Maintains insight across purchasing, manufacturing, inventories, and warehouses to deliver products on time and adjust to changing business models.


Project management

Uses immediate intelligence, planning, resourcing, tracking, pricing, billing, and accounting to ensure the profitability of projects.


Service management

Uses immediate intelligence, planning, resourcing, tracking, pricing, billing, and accounting to ensure the profitability of projects.


Warehouse management

Reduces operational expenses through competent warehouse operations that enable you to dispatch orders promptly and fulfil customer promises.


Globalization and compliance regulations

Maintains International Financial Reporting Standards, local functionality, GDPR, and many more.


Globalization and compliance regulations

Maintains International Financial Reporting Standards, local functionality, GDPR, and many more.


Reporting and data analysis

Offers built-in analytics and reporting that businesses can utilize right out of the box to manage their operations on both simple and complex business procedures.

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