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With the advancement of alternative energy sources and environmental impact escalating, some oil and gas enterprises are turning to digitization to deliver more energy options, minimize expenses, and offer higher client satisfaction.

The oil and gas industry must be rewired to become extremely responsive and agile to the shifts in technology, business, and unforeseen circumstances. A digital-first experience pivots the operations accurately with more insight into the corporate landscape and ecosystem.

Evoke Technologies enables the oil and gas industry to remain competitive and resilient in the dynamic market by unifying the data from disparate systems, managing complicated technology landscapes, and unleashing operational insights. Our global experts deliver the best-in-class oil and gas IT solutions, resulting in modernized industry procedures and a seamless experience for users while building a sustainable future.

Services we offered:

  • Built robust case management Pega apps for executing paper forms.
  • Native iOS and Android mobile apps, along with responsive web apps.
  • Offline mobile app integration for case execution without an internet connection.

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