These are exciting times for mobile app developers and companies involved in mobile application development. Due to the ubiquity and popularity of smartphones among consumers, there is an increasing demand for mobile application development. Similar to any other software development activity, even mobile app development has its own set of issues and challenges. Nowadays, the expectations of mobile app users have increased manifold and it is quite a challenge to stand up to their expectations.
In the growing ecosystem of mobile apps, it is critically important for mobile app developers to understand what works and what doesn’t work. In this blog, we will look into some of the major challenges faced by mobile app developers.

Mobile Apps that stand out from the crowd

The mobile app market is deluged with a variety of new applications every day. Hence, mobile app developers have to focus on creating apps that stand apart from the crowd to easily get noticed. 

Cross-platform Apps

Gone are the days, when mobile app developers use to focus only on creating apps for standard devices, operating systems or screen sizes, these days consumers are using devices with varying screen dimensions. In order to make the mobile app work seamlessly across all mobile platforms, developers have to adopt a responsive design, while creating a mobile app. Here’s an interesting blog on effective UI design tips, which is worth a read.

Interactive Mobile Apps

Making your mobile apps interactive is a great way to make your apps likeable by consumers. Present-day mobile devices have built-in sensors, which can make apps more useful and interactive. It can be quite challenging and time consuming activity to create interactions during the design phase, hence it is always good for mobile app developers to plan their development activity keeping the interactive features in mind.

Mobile App Developers Need to Keep it Simple

Design an app that is easy to understand and use. If a mobile app is complicated, users are likely to develop an aversion towards it. Always focus to create an app that has a simple structure and if possible include quick tutorials and instructions, which would help in easy understanding of the app.

Connecting with the End-user

To survive in the ever evolving mobile app market one has to be innovative and creative, it is imperative for mobile app developers to connect with the consumer/end-user. Furthermore, they should constantly, take their feedback and resolve issues/bugs at the earliest to create a friendly bond with the users. In order to make the end-users feel comfortable mobile app developers have to be more accessible.

Marketing the App Smartly

For a mobile app to be successful, extensive marketing is an important aspect. Marketing an app effectively can pose an altogether different challenge for developers, as they need to switch roles from developers to marketers. However, help is at hand, there are a lot creative marketing and advertising agencies, which can help mobile app developers and companies market their apps effectively without burning hole in their pocket.

Performance and Battery Consumption

Another critical aspect to consider while developing an app is its performance and battery consumption. Ideally, an app should consume less battery without compromising on its performance. To ensure that the app runs smoothly, create a beta version and get it rigorously tested by test users, until it performs smoothly without any performance or battery consumption issues. Only when you are confident about its performance, release your product in the market. Here are some tips from Apple to consider while developing a mobile app, which would improve performance and battery life.


To thrive in the highly competitive mobile app market, mobile app developers and companies must have the ability to create and develop superior apps. The above challenges can act as a deterrent for the success of their mobile apps, if not addressed adequately.

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