Have a great product but not able to connect to the user to get instant leads? Worried about adding messaging capabilities to your product to make it more accessible? Want to leverage the various messaging channels available so that you can connect with the customers easily?
To put end to your worries, there are many conversational platforms available which will enable your businesses with conversation capabilities like SMC, Firebase, Microsoft BotFramework, Flow XO, etc.

Smooch Conversational Platform

Let’s take SMC for instance. SMC (Smooch Messaging Cloud) a web conversational platform that enables customers to store, analyze, manipulate and transfer messages between their various business systems on either smooch-enabled or third-party messaging channels.
smooch messaging platform
Using Smooch’s single universal API, customers can quickly and easily communicate with users on various platforms.
Social Media Platforms
Using iOS, Android and Web SDKs, fully featured messaging can be integrated into the customers’ mobile or web applications.

Connecting your Web App to Smooch

Step 1: Create a Smooch account and an App

Smooch App Creation

Step 2: Create Integrations in Smooch app

Smooch provides a customizable web conversational platform which is hosted by smooch itself. These integrations help your customer to reply from your web pages and respond to the customer queries. Remember to make note of the app-id that is generated.

Step 3: Include the smooch web messenger app on the web page

a) Add the following code at the end of the head section on your web page and replace <app-id> with your app id that was generated in step# 2.
b) Initialize Smooch with your app ID
App ID

Step 4: Responding to customer’s query via Slack

If you want all your customer queries to get redirected to one of your favorite messenger apps like Slack, then create one more integration in Smooch for Slack and provide the same app-ID.

Interactive Messages

Smooch provides rich messaging interface using carousels and quick replies. Carousels are rendered uniformly across all channels with native support. Smooch’s translator will optimize display of quick replies according to the native features of the channel. In addition, smooch also supports other message types like images, buttons, location requests, post-back and structured messages. Each one of the messaging types is translated and optimized across channels using a single API.
Below are some customization options available for the web conversational platform:

  1. Colors: Brand colors, conversation color and action color.
  2. Business Branding: Business name and business icon.
  3. Background Image


The customer data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. HTTPS and Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used for encypting communication between the customers and the smooch servers. Amazon web services are used for hosting the Smooch services, thereby inheriting the control environment of Amazon. Amazon uses SSAE-16 SOC 1, 2 and 3, ISO 27001 and FedRAMP/FISMA reports and certifications.
For further reading please visit https://smooch.io/


This is how simple it is to enable communication between business and its customers without spending additional time on development efforts. It is one conversational platform that lets you to chat with your customers on your website or any supported channel, without having extensive coding knowledge. Not just that, it also enables you to respond from your existing software, turn chatbots on, and do so much more within a few clicks.

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Nahid Ahmed Mansuri was a Technical Lead at Evoke Technologies. He has worked on multiple mobile technologies ranging from embedded, .NET Compact Framework, iOS, and Xamarin. In his free time, he likes being closer to nature and takes leisurely long walks.
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