Utilizing Evoke’s partnership to streamline SharePoint Services can help you scale up collaboration across your enterprise.

In today’s digital era, ‘cloud’ is a catapulting buzzword that is rapidly changing market dynamics. Globally, enterprises are increasingly in favor of adopting a cloud strategy. With the abating geographical barriers and the emergence of a global workforce, cloud has become a part of enterprise culture.
sharepointBusiness enterprises are looking out for innovative tools and technologies to implement cloud services, which would enable their teams to work anywhere, anytime, and from any location thus breaking the shackles of the traditional office environment. On the other hand, employees want to work easier, faster, and contribute towards the growth of their organization, without being bound to their desks. More and more enterprises are looking towards SharePoint hosting and firms who implement SharePoint services, as it offers a variety of features while providing innovative experiences.

How SharePoint Services Can Help Enterprises Scale up Collaboration

Business enterprises are shifting from traditional storage to cloud storage expeditiously. Fueling this transformation are revolutionary products such as SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013. SharePoint continues to remain a favorable product due to its powerful collaboration and enterprise content management features. Further, SharePoint is considered as one of the most reliable content and document management systems available today. Microsoft has been consistently adding new enhancements and components that allow enterprises to create powerful content management solutions.

So Why Should Enterprises Scale Up to SharePoint Services?

SharePoint is an excellent collaborative tool that doubles up as a document management system and easily integrates with Office 365 suite. Additionally, it is extremely flexible and provides high security standards. The excellent Built-in Search, Portals, File Sharing, and Business Intelligence functionality provided by SharePoint online enables users to find relevant information, maintain consistency, and act as an excellent content life-cycle management tool. The seamless integration with Office 2013 is a boon for employees who are habituated to working with Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.
In recent years, Microsoft has added Business Intelligence capabilities to SharePoint allowing users to locate important information, thus helping them in making better business decisions. The control and security are a driving force that is making enterprises increasingly adopt SharePoint. It is no surprise that SharePoint currently has over 125 million users and it is generating millions of dollars of revenue for Microsoft Corporation.

The Road Ahead

With the upcoming launch of SharePoint 2016, Microsoft plans to improve its Hybrid search capabilities in SharePoint, which would help enterprises reduce the amount of investment required for hardware installations, especially setting up servers. Keeping with Microsoft’s ‘cloud first’ strategy, the overall demand for SharePoint services is going to grow in the coming future. SharePoint will continue to remain successful, bringing in billions of dollars of revenue to Microsoft Corporation.

Evoke’s SharePoint Services

Evoke Technologies provides innovative SharePoint services and solutions, thus helping global enterprises meet their collaboration needs. Evoke’s comprehensive SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises services enable organizations to meet their business goals and adds immense business value. At Evoke, we believe that SharePoint is the right cloud ecosystem for growing enterprises. Evoke’s SharePoint services streamline workflow, maximize efficiency and enhance over-all productivity for enterprises across the globe. Here’s a quick preview of Evoke’s SharePoint services.
Evoke’s SharePoint Service Offering Includes:

  • SharePoint Implementation and Administration
  • Office 365 and SharePoint Development
  • Planning and Integration
  • Configuration and Customization
  • Application Modernization Services
  • Support and Administration

Further, Evoke has partnered with Nintex and TekDog Inc., the world leaders in productivity, training and workflow solutions. Our partnership with Nintex and TekDog Inc. helps businesses to  easily embrace SharePoint services.
Call Evoke Technologies at (937) 202-4161 (Select Option 2 for Sales) or find out more about how simplified solutions for everyday challenges can be at your fingertips now!

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