There’s a life lesson that companies who want to succeed in today’s application economy must never learn from their customers.

QA Testing ServicesWe’ve probably all heard these comforting, encouraging words: “Don’t worry; everyone makes mistakes.” Parents say them to their kids. Teachers say them to their students.
You know who never says those words?
Consumers in the application economy.
Think about the last time an app on your smartphone didn’t work the way it should. Did you feel like writing an encouraging email to the developers, assuring them you understand that “everyone makes mistakes?”
Thought not!
According to Marco Comastri (‎President & General Manager, CA Technologies, EMEA), 90% of all internet users will be using mobile devices by next year. By the decade’s end, users will have made 75 billion data connections.
The app economy represents incredible opportunities for commercial enterprises—if their apps satisfy, even exceed, consumers’ expectations from the first use.
That’s why it’s vital your business take advantage of QA testing services before launching your apps into the marketplace. “Everyone makes mistakes” is a great life lesson, but when it comes to apps, that mindset is not quick to prevail.  Your customers will simply use more functional and responsive apps, giving their trust—and their money—to one of your competitors.

Three Features You Want From Your QA Testers

How can you be assured that your business is getting the quality assurance testing its apps need? Here are a few features you’ll want to expect from your QA testing services provider:

  • Use the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)Application testing services aren’t easy or quick. To be valuable, they must be done methodically, in a well-defined series of stages: Requirement Analysis, Test Planning, Test Case Development, Environment Setup, Test Execution, and Test Cycle Closure. Be certain your QA testers use tools that manage requirements and monitor results through all of these stages (for example, HP’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tool).
  • Adopt a Dedicated Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) Model – In the past, many businesses were content to do QA testing on an “as needed” basis. Things have changed. The app’s economy accelerated speed means businesses need dedicated teams of experts who can be counted on to develop and deploy reliably functioning apps on a regular basis. The TCoE model achieves that goal and has become a widely accepted best practice in the IT industry. If the company that wants to provide you with QA testing services don’t conform to it, proceed with extreme caution.
  • Perform Both Manual and Automated Testing – Without question, automated testing scripts developed with such popular and powerful tools as Selenium and HP’s Unified Functional Tool (UFT) can put an app through some rigorous paces. But they can only find problems they’ve been designed to find. They can’t fully replace exploratory testing and debugging done by humans—experienced coders and engineers who love to poke and prod software in often unexpected ways, just to see what happens. If what happens turns out to be an error, you’ll be glad your QA tester found it before an end user did!

A QA Testing Services Partnership with Evoke

At Evoke Technologies, we have more than a decade’s experience providing QA testing services to global enterprises. Our dedicated testing teams follow the STLC, using both the latest automated tools and hard-hitting manual tests to identify and resolve any performance issues in your apps before they cause problems for your customers. We understand the challenges of the app economy, and a partnership with us gives you the edge in meeting and rising above them.
Call Evoke today at +1 (937) 202-4161 (select Option 2 for Sales) or contact us online to learn more about how we can equip your enterprise for success in the app economy. Sure, everyone makes mistakes… but don’t let passing up a QA testing services partnership with Evoke be one of yours!
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