Oracle EBS isn’t a single tool but several, and an Oracle consultant can help you customize this suite of solutions to your business’s maximum advantage.

oracle-ConsultantIt’s easy to see why thousands of customers across all industries – manufacturing, automotive, health sciences, entertainment, retail, food and beverage and services – are using Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). With more than 75 different software applications to choose from, Oracle EBS allows businesses to manage the many processes on which they depend more flexibly, efficiently and powerfully than ever.
Could your enterprise benefit from EBS? No doubt. But how, specifically? EBS isn’t a one-size-fits-all tool. Which of its many applications do you actually need?
That’s the question an expert Oracle consultant can help you answer. Thoroughly educated in Oracle’s software, certified by Oracle itself and equipped with deep domain experience in implementing its products, a quality Oracle consultant will help you assess your business’s most pressing needs and steer you toward the EBS configuration that makes the most sense for you.

The Oracle Consultant at Work: Three Possible Scenarios

Here are just three possible scenarios in which your Oracle consultant would be able to help your company handle using Oracle EBS:

    • You need to attract and keep your industry’s top talent. You’ve put out the word that you’re hiring, but the applicants who answer the call aren’t quite what you’re looking for, or aren’t sending in resumes in the numbers you’d hoped. Your Oracle consultant may recommend including HR Analytics in your EBS configuration. This application will give you valuable insight into current workforce demographics and will allow you to design compensation that draws the best candidates.
    • You need to streamline employee purchasing. How much work must your staff members do to procure the supplies and resources needed to do their actual jobs? If you (and they) would say, “Too much,” the Oracle iProcurement app can simplify the situation, and your consultant would doubtless advise you to look into it. Oracle iProcurement gives employees the ability to easily create, manage and track their own supply orders through familiar, web-based shopping, while letting your purchasing department keep ultimate control of the corporate purse strings.
  • You need to empower customer service providers on the go. The advent and rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices has revolutionized customer service. Many companies’ customer service agents can now access and transmit important data while in the field: schedules, past service histories, counter readings, spare parts costs, and more. If you need to catch up to your competition by giving your customer service agents the same capacity, your Oracle consultant would likely recommend building Oracle Mobile Field Service into your EBS.

You’re beginning to see some of the advantages an Oracle consultant brings.The consultant skill set includes wide and deep knowledge of EBS applications and ensures you a customized EBS design and deployment that will deliver both short and long-term results from the start.

Consider an Evoke Oracle Consultant

Evoke Technologies is an IT leader with a dozen years’ experience delivering software solutions to businesses worldwide. When you work with Oracle consultants from Evoke, you’re partnering with people who want you to teach them your business so they can work with you to make it even more efficient, influential and profitable. Our highly trained and experienced engineers will customize, implement, test, maintain and upgrade all your Oracle EBS applications, positioning you for maximum success.
To explore Oracle consulting services from Evoke, please contact our Oracle Sales Director Greg Melville by phone (+1 937 660-4928) or email (; or visit our website. We’ll make sure you get all you can out of the value and industry-focused solutions available in Oracle EBS.
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