Power Automate

Map and Automate Business Processes with Power Automate

Digitization not necessarily starts with a large process at Evoke. We believe simple automation can impact and bring agility to an organization. Our Power Automate projects include collecting data from various sources, updating applications and databases, triggering real-time notifications, allocating – deallocating software licenses, and seamlessly syncing data between applications.

Evoke is a Microsoft Solution Partner and has extensively leveraged power platform tools to develop complex solutions.

Why Evoke for Power Automate

  • Complex Automation Scenarios (Online/ Desktop/Mobile) – Manufacturing, Financial Services, Retail, etc.
  • Advisory & Best Practices – Power Automate license optimization and cost control.
  • Compliance Process – Advanced compliance & security, data loss prevention, and audits.
  • Nearshore and offshore experts for continued support.
  • Ready to experiment and start with small engagements to prove ourselves.