At Evoke, with our deep understanding of the manufacturing ecosystem and experience of serving global customers for nearly two decades, we are committed to delivering comprehensive IT services.

Our expertise spans the entire spectrum, helping you make informed decisions and optimize operational efficiencies. Through our innovative solutions, we have enabled manufacturers to not only stay competitive but also embrace the transformative potential of Industry 4.0.


Our Manufacturing Offerings

Modernization of operational technology (OT) and IT-OT convergence solutions

Digital transformation by deploying new transformative technologies such as AI, ML, Big Data, and IoT

Smart manufacturing solutions to help automate operations (using advanced analytics)


With over two decades of expertise, Evoke Technologies is a trusted partner in empowering BFSI organizations through comprehensive services. A proven track record in the industry enables us to navigate diverse technological challenges and deliver tailor-made solutions to businesses of all sizes.

By fast-tracking operational competencies, mitigating risks, and delivering superior quality services, our dedicated BFSI solutions consistently meet client expectations. Our robust solutions have successfully reduced security risks, enhanced business agility, and maximized return on investment for our clients.


Our BFSI Offerings

Digitization solutions using transformative technologies such as AI, ML, Big Data, and IoT

End-to-end software development, enhancement, and maintenance

Automation, Hyper automation, cybersecurity and compliance

Energy & Utilities

Evoke Technologies has the expertise and profound understanding of the dynamic energy and utilities industry. With successful engagements, we have consistently empowered numerous organizations to overcome industry challenges and unlock the potential for sustainable growth.

Our dedicated team of industry experts and skilled technologists collaborate with the clients to develop tailor-made solutions that drive operational excellence, enhance customer satisfaction, and ensure a culture of continuous innovation.


Our Energy & Utilities Offerings

Digital transformation solutions that harness cutting-edge technologies like AI, IoT, and Big Data

Energy management and grid modernization through advanced analytics, intelligent automation, and renewable energy integration

Enhanced customer engagement and experience using customer analytics, self-service portals, mobile apps, and smart metering solutions


No matter how complex your healthcare requirements, Evoke Technologies is your trusted partner in delivering robust and customized technology solutions. Our innovative and cutting-edge solutions have consistently proven to boost workforce productivity, streamline operations, and empower healthcare organizations to achieve and surpass critical business outcomes.

With our industry expertise and commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to transforming healthcare using tailored technology solutions, driving efficiency, improving patient outcomes, and enhancing overall organizational performance.


Our Healthcare Offerings

Comprehensive data and analytics solutions including data security and compliance to help manage huge data flows (HIPAA compliant)

Healthcare application management spanning development, maintenance, and upgradation

Digitization solutions using technologies like AI, block-chain, ML, big data, and IoT (Pharma IoT)


At Evoke, we go beyond understanding the intricacies of the hospitality industry through years of hands-on experience. Our skilled and dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering solutions that empower businesses in the competitive hospitality sector to succeed.

With a commitment to customer satisfaction and focus on innovation, we partner with our clients to navigate market complexities, optimize operations, and create experiences that leave a lasting impact on their guests.


Our Hospitality Offerings

Digital transformation using innovative technologies like AI, IoT, and cloud computing

Guest experience management by designing and implementing personalized customer journeys

Digitization solutions using technologies like AI, block-chain, ML, big data, and IoT (Pharma IoT)

Operational efficiency through inventory management, procurement, workforce optimization, and supply chain integration