Hyderabad, India, Feb 18, 2014: Evoke Technologies a leading software company based in Hyderabad, it is gearing up to offer Big Data services as part of its service offering. Evoke Technologies entry into the Big Data Services domain is a great news for business entities, as their Big Data services would not only allow businesses to manage their data effectively, but also help them structure their data and extract meaningful business insights, which can be a formidable challenge for businesses across the globe.
Many businesses feel that Big Data is going to be a big driver and would have a positive impact on business growth. Businesses have already realizing the benefit from Big Data and have been gaining return on their investments. Evoke Technologies big data services help businesses define database architecture and further develop big data analytics solution, which optimizes data analytics. Evoke Technologies plans to utilize open source technologies such as Apache Hadoop and Mongo DB etc. to provide the offering.
The major challenges faced by software companies while deploying big data analytics is security and privacy of the data. Big Data solutions are known to offer better customer insight and help serve customers in a better way. Evoke Technologies undertook considerable research and development to mitigate the challenges that may arise while deploying big data analytics solutions. The major hurdle faced while applying analytics for deeper consumer insight is maintaining the security of data and individual privacy. Big data is going to revolutionize the future of computing.