How to Integrate Spring Batch in Grails Framework

Processing large data sets is often a complex activity that software developers have to deal with. Developers require advanced tools and technologies to process large chunks of data sets. Although, there are quite a few tools available to process large data sets, Spring Batch stands out from the competition. Spring Batch is a lightweight and robust framework that can be easily integrated with the

How to Setup Grails Framework in Windows Environment

In my previous post ‘10 Reasons Why Grails Web Application Framework Rocks’, we figured out specific reasons that helped Grails framework gain wide acceptance among the software developer communities. Taking this topic to the next level, we will figure out the process of setting up a Grails framework in the Windows environment. I have segregated the blog in six simple steps, which would not only help

How to Create an Amazing Custom UI in Grails

Many of the budding designers consider User Interface (UI) designing as a major challenge, which requires a lot of their effort. It is slightly complex to create an eye-catching, functional design even for experienced designers having innate knowledge of design principles. So, what’s the alternative? If you explore a bit, you can find several UI toolkits to design amazing UI’s. Most of the designers