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Evoke specializes in delivering accurate and reliable ETL testing services for businesses of all sizes. Our seasoned team leverage cutting-edge tools and techniques to ensure that your data is accurate and reliable, giving you the confidence to make informed business decisions.

Our ETL Test Scenarios and Use Cases

Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) testing is a procedure that involves substantiating the accuracy and completeness of the data as it is transferred from one system to the other. This process is essential for ensuring that your data is reliable and accurate, which is critical for making informed business decisions. Some of the test case scenarios we use are:

  • Data Completeness (Counts) Validation
  • Constraint Validation
  • Data Consistency Validation
  • Null Validation
  • Data Quality Checking
  • Data Duplicate Validation
  • Data Transformation Checks

ETL Test Automation Leveraging RightData

Our QA experts will help you to learn more about ETL testing services and how we can help your business improve its data quality and accuracy. We look forward to working with you!

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